Data Science Training Center in Kerala

The question you should be asking is not, which is the best training center, but why should you learn data science. Is learning data science sufficient? How can I use this training and become a Data Scientist? How can the training help me if I don't have any industry experience? 
Many training centers have jumped on the bandwagon and provide haphazard data science training. You need to realize that the training provided can help you only so far. What you actually need is hands-on experience. When you go for a data science interview, you need to know your concepts, and you need to know how to deploy solutions. If you are unable to show them you have work experience, the chances of getting hired are going to be slim. Many training centers advertise on the number of hours of training etc. But in actuality, that is not what's important. What is essential is to get hands-on experience. Every institute will give you the bare minimum content and touch just the basics. One popular tactic they use is they tell you to learn R and Python to become a good data scientist, which is not what the real work environment requires. But will you get a job after doing any so-called data science course, I doubt strongly.
Yes, it sounds cynical, but that is the truth. Why I am saying is this because I have seen many students being taken advantage of. The problem is that the trainers are new at applying data science in complex scenarios so they can't give you enough exposure.
Does this mean you shouldn't join these institutes or start learning Data Science? Absolutely not! That would mean that you will miss staying abreast with the latest developments in technology and in the workplace. What you need to is actually to train yourself for the workplace. 
In the real world, you will need to understand how each algorithm works and how solutions should be deployed. We at EduAstrum not only provide Data Science training to our students but more importantly, we recruit our students to work with us on actual projects with our clients. These are not dummy projects with Kaggle datasets but real projects based in India, the Middle East, and North America. We have partnered with Innodatatics Inc, to provide every one of our students with a real job/internship opportunity. Their clients include companies like SBI,, TrueJet, Coca Cola, among others. We have a dedicated placement wing that works to train each student to prepare them for hire. We train each student to develop their technical, communication, and leadership skills. To learn locally is not a bad thing, but having only local knowledge or experience will keep you from getting ahead, that's for sure.