We are in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The economy and businesses are being reshaped. We need to be prepared for the new world that lies ahead. We provide the best and most comprehensive Training in Data Science, Machine learning, Python, IoT in Kerala. EduAstrum is here to bring you world-class technical and managerial trainings in Kerala. We are one of the premier institutes in Kerala, India for providing data science with machine learning training and AI with deep learning training.


Why Should You Choose EduAstrum?

Our courses are custom tailored to fit the needs of each individual student, after preliminary evaluation.

Our Commitment

We believe that people from different backgrounds, with different ideas and strengths, deserve a chance to succeed. We are committed to lifting up and mentoring students who want a chance to succeed. It is our privilege to pick the diamonds in the rough and transform them into leading lights.

Leadership development Program

We are leaders helping others become leaders in their respective fields. Our leadership development program is integrated into every course we teach. This highly personalized program will make you more confident, more capable and better equipped to take on new challenges

Industry Connections

Any institution can teach courses; but not every institution can make their students employable. Our key focus is not to deliver trainings but to ensure suitable placement/employment to our students. EduAstrum has partnerships with companies within and outside of India that deal with Industry 4.0 technologies. We leverage our partnerships to provide internships and employment opportunities to our students.

You are not alone, we walk the same path together

Build your confidence and advance your career with EduAstrum. Contact us today and one of our experienced professional will assist you with any questions you may have. We are happy to know your needs and help you find the best course for your needs.

Our Courses

Our professional skills training courses provide skills to help you work through leadership challenges.

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Data Science Certification Course Training

  •  10,200+ Professionals Trained
  •  97.3% Placement Record
  •  160 Hours Of Training
  •  International Certification
  •  Live Projects / Internship
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Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning Training

  •  6,200+ Professionals Trained
  •  60 Hours Of Training
  •  Classroom / Online Training
  •  International Certification
  •  Live Project Suppport
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Big Data For Managers Training

  •  Introduction to Hadoop
  •  Hadoop Eco-system
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Cloud Deployment
  •  50% Discount
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AI Based Chatbot Building Training

  •  Understand the Uses of Chatbots
  •  Importance of NLP
  •  Building Chatboat Using AI
  •  Deploying Chat Boat in Platforms
  •  Neural Networks in Chatbots
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Machine Learning On Cloud

  •  Cloud Computing and Models
  •  Amazon Web Service
  •  Compute Services in AWS
  •  Storage Services offered by AWS
  •  AWS, RDS and Redshift
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Python & R Programming Training

  •  P & R Programming Language
  •  Operations in R & Python
  •  Packages in R & Python
  •  Data Types in R & Python
  •  Error Handling
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Data Science For Internal Auditors & Accountants

  •  Machine Learning Applications
  •  Descriptive Analytics
  •  Networks Analytics
  •  Analytical Approach
  •  Technics in Countering fraud
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PMP® Certification Course Training

  •  11,400+ Professional Trained
  •  96.2% Successfully Certified
  •  35 Hours Of Training
  •  3,000+ Practice Questions
  •  Classrooom / Online Training
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We are running free workshops on data science every week. The workshops give a brief introduction to Data Analytics.


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